Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bau Truong, Cabramatta

bo bay mon

We couldn't get in to our favourite bo bay mon (beef cooked seven ways) at PLT in Canley Heights, so tried somewhere different.

Bau Truong has been around for a while although only at the new glamorous possie for a year or so next to the Commonwealth Bank on John Street.

bay truong

Their bo bay mon was different, instead of coming out separately, they were cooked and came out all at once. Each serving was for two people. It was delicious, particularly garlicy, although servings rather small compared to normal bo bay mon.

You're meant to dip the rice paper in warm water provided to make it soft and roll the meat with the mint and pickes and dip in fish sauce, it was very yummy!

dessert 3

Afterwards we went across the road for che bay mau dessert... seven ingredients in your sweet.

dessert 2

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  1. I love Bau Truong at Canley Heights and it's one of the local restaurants which I usually continue to go back to - I don't seem to see the Beef cooked in seven ways? I must try this one next time!

  2. The one in Cabramatta has the beef cooked 7 ways. But if you want that, my favourite is PLT in Canley Heights.


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