Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phu Quoc Restaurant, Cabramatta

Our Vietnamese friends were craving for banh cuon - rice noodle pockets filled with mince served with cured pork, fried onions and range of mints including coriander and basil.  A good banh cuon is distinguished by how thin the rice noodle is, and by the dipping sauce.  It's different from banh uoc; which doesn't have any filling.

It's a dish which is common for breakfast in Vietnam, but is not so well know here.  We once had banh cuon, of all places in Luang Praban, Laos!  The dipping sauce was unusual in Laos, very local, but delicious never the less.

Today, we had it at Phu Quoc in Cabramatta, a popular little eatery that's open late.  Good banh cuon, abit too many greens for my liking, but still highly rated, they deserve bonus points for having banh cuon on the menu in the first place.

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