Monday, September 20, 2010

Che Xoi Nuoc: Vietnamese Desserts

Picked up some che xoi nuoc for dessert tonight at the local supermarket in Cabramatta.  It's so hard to describe it, so I'll just quote ravenous couple blog:

Che xoi nuoc (also called che troi nuoc and banh troi tau) doesn't translate well--literally sticky rice water dessert. But what it lacks in translation, it makes up in flavor so uniquely sweet and savory. Basically, it's a sticky rice mochi filled with savory mung bean filling bathed in a sweet ginger sauce, served warm and topped with rich coconut milk reduction and toasted sesame. Now that sounds a lot better than sticky rice water right?

Other Vietnamese desserts:

Xoi Mau

Che Dau: Vietnamese Glutinous Rice Dessert

Bánh Tét Chuối: Vietnamese Banana Sticky Rice Cake:

Banh Cam: Vietnamese Orange Cake

Banh Chuoi - banana cake

Coloured rice cakes

Xoi - sticky rice dessert


  1. Thanks for the round-up Thang! Having grown up with these desserts on regular rotation, it's quite refreshing seeing them on a food blog.

  2. Yeah Margaret, I love how we can just buy these so quickly and easily at the grocery store!


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