Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hayat Assyrian Restaurant, Fairfield (Secret Sydney)

It's unique Assyrian food, brought out on a trolley, the servings are huge and it all comes to $31, what more could you ask for?!

Hayat restaurant has been opened for a few months in the eclectic end of the Crescent in Fairfield near Al-Dhiaffah Al-Iraqi Restaurant and Bollywood Chinese.

It's obviously a function centre by it's size and the decor.  It's Tuesday night and Walter and I are the only ones in the place.  Although the benefit is that we get instant and efficient service.

The Qoozi & Tabsee as explained by the waitress is rice with almond and sultana with a boiled lamb shank.  It's a mild dish with minimal spices but I liked the starchy consistency of the rice.  Together with the lamb, this in itself is a hearty meal.

The mixed plate was delicious, it's pretty standard kebab chicken, lamb and beef.  The hummus was a special treat, much coarser consistency and spicier than I've had and very, very good.  The picked vegetables were very sour and something I'm not too used to.

While the chicken and potato curry was more a spicy, thick tomato soup. Again starchy but delicious.

They were sweet in offering us some complimentary black tea, nicely scented and beautifully presented, lovely with some sugar.

If you like your meat and you're game to try something different, then I think you're ready for Hayat restaurant.

This is another Secret Sydney post. Secret Sydney is a new noodlies Sydney food blog project to uncover authentic, diverse food and culture all around Sydney.

Hayat Restaurant
5 The Crescent, Fairfield
9727 2223


  1. Really enjoying your Secret Sydney finds Thang! So many new gems to uncover :)

  2. That place is HUGE! Food looks tasty too.

  3. I never thought of trying Assyrian cuisine mainly because I didn't know it was available here. Thanks for your post, it looks worth a try!

  4. Thanks everyone, I guess we all eat out so much, it's good to try to find somewhere that's a little different... I've learnt a little about Qoozi, though still can't say it properly, the waitress says it so cutely in the video!

  5. Loving all your secret Sydney posts! Keep it up with the good job :)

  6. And here I am, thinking there wasn't anything worthy out there in the west side =p

  7. xxx Ellie and Angie... heaps of fun places.. I found it really good to stretch my taste buds with food I'm not familiar with... couldn't say I like them all, but they've all been great experiences, nothing that I regret thus far.


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