Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food Photography - fancy stuff

And another thing I kinda learnt today. 

How to put pics in quarters!  Benefit is you can fit in a few pics.  I've been lazy here, I haven't retouched the pics yet and cheated by using just two pics.


  1. Hi Thang, nice meeting you yesterday! Glad to see you learning new trick from Billy. It was a great workshop.

  2. Hey Ellie, very inspired by your blog too... it will soon be on my fav blogs links. Will def buy a new dslr, but probably not lightroom.

    Great to meet you, keep in touch! Thang

  3. Ahh such speed! The workshop was fun wasn't it? Will be interesting to see if a few more four-tile photo mosaics start popping up in future :)

  4. Try and stop me Helen... there are several four-tile mosaics already... I'm obsessed!


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