Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walker's Doughnuts, Melbourne

noodlies Sydney food blog just can't go past their doughnuts and hot chocolate whenever we're in Melbourne.  Because it's near our Melbourne office, I'm always finding an excuse to pop down to Walker's Doughnuts.

Walker's Doughnuts is located on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne, which ensures it's always buzzing with people and activity, day or night.

This particular evening I have a cinnamon doughnut and manage to resist the hot chocolate.

Walker's Doughnuts
Cnr Flinders & Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne
(03) 9662 2254

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  1. i've actually never been to melbourne....

    how does this store's doughnuts compare to other doughnut stores like donut king & krispy kreme?

  2. Always tempted to go, but never been. Have always been to stuffed by something else, there's just too much to eat in Melbourne and not enough stomach :)

  3. Aust Politics: the range isn't as diverse as Krispy, but the quality is better than donut king by a long mile... and the coffees and hot chocolate are very, very good

  4. Hey Dumpling Girl, I usually go later in the evening... have the luxury of having my hotel nearby... like a late night snack.. there's always room for dessert!

  5. i see........ i've never really been a fan of donut king.....

    but krispy kreme.....when u go to one of their factory stores....and eat one of their freshly made doughnuts...... it's really delicious.

  6. I had to drag The Boy past this place when we were in Melbs over Easter. I had my eyes on Lord of the Fries and a donut wasn't going to get in my way. LOL.


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