Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No. 1 BBQ House, Chinese, Campsie

The line for takeaway at No. 1 BBQ House went out the door.  Luckily for me on this cold Wednesday evening, I could get a seat inside to dine in.  And within minutes my order was taken and my dish is delivered.

No1 BBQ House is a typical Chinese bbq establishment serving bbq duck, pork, chicken, mainly for takeaway.  There are a few tables for those who want to eat in and it's the usual egg noodle or rice with bbq meat.

It's cold tonight so noodlies Sydney food blog orders, well.. egg noodles with roast duck.  It's perfect for a cold evening and the soup arrives pipping hot.  The first thing I notice is that the soup is much darker than I'm used to and a taste confirms a strong soy seasoning.  The duck serving is very generous and cut in thick pieces which allows you to enjoy the tender meat but stops it from getting soggy.  I particularly like the five spice flavours.

My meal there must have taken about 30 minutes.  During that entire time there was a continuous queue and the owner was slicing the meat continuously.

The food here is no nonsense, the decor simple and the people extremely friendly and efficient.  No wonder they're called No. 1 BBQ House.

noodlies is a media supporter and exclusive food blogger for Campsie Food Festival 2011 - the Seoul of Sydney.

No. 1 BBQ House
152 Beamish Street, Campsie
9718 6147


  1. fantastic i love this place....... i can understand y there is a long line...... sometimes.... after work...... you just can't decide what to cook for dinner when you get home...... what better than to take home some roast duck or chicken...... get home....cook some rice and your meal is ready..

    that bowl of noodles looks incredibly delicious.... nice and simple....i love duck.... in pretty much every way.... pancakes, noodles, fried rice.... everything really.....

    it's amazing the ppl that work at these places... have such amazing knife skills.....i'd be too afraid that i might chop my own fingers off hahaha

  2. I agree with you.

    Chopping all day at a furious pace, I reckon I'd end up chopping a finger!

  3. i love duck... especially the skin .. yum!

    that reminds me, i havnet eaten duck in ages!~~

  4. I have my on and off stage with duck, but the duck here is very good

  5. There are a few of these places in Campsie aren't there?

  6. @joey yeah there are three chinese bbq places on the main street...... this one has the reputation of being the best in campsie...

    when i buy though..... i dun always buy from the same store.... since they hang their stuff for all to see.... i usually look around and see which store has the better looking stuff on the day....

    usually...... most stores do their chicken and duck pretty much the same.... most places do these two things pretty well.......

    it's the roast pork that sometimes..... it's hard to buy perfect roast pork with the skin perfect.... i've bought roast pork heaps of times where i was not satisfied with the skin. it's perfect when it's nice and crispy and not chewy or too hard.

  7. Hi Thang,

    Now you've confused me with the best BBQ in addition to best pho! :)

  8. thanks joey and Aust Politics blog.. seemed to have answered the question!

  9. Well they claim they're No1 Chopin and my saucepan... I still love that name!


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